How to Play Trusted Online Roulette

A Quick Guide to Understanding How to Play Online Roulette Gambling

Online Roulette gambling games can be said to be easy and difficult to play, but if you are a fan of card betting it will not take long to quickly understand how to play correctly.

All games will feel easy to play if someone already knows the rules and procedures in these games,because as the newest roulette gambling agent, here we will provide an explanation.

Types of bets at the best online roulette betting agents


Before discussing further, please understand in advance the types of bets on Online Roulette Sites:

  • Black and White Columns: bets on guessing the roulette ball will stop at the Black / White position
  • Odd / Even : Guess whether the ball will be on an Even or Odd number
  • Numbers 1 to 18: betting column where if the player chooses a Small number to occur
  • Numbers 19 to 36 : guessing the bottom of the ball will be in the Big position
  • Dozen Bet: a single line bet consisting of 12 numbers, namely (1st: 1-12, 2nd: 13-24, 3k: 25-36)
  • Column Bet: bet on numbers that are in the zone / vertical line

Above is an online roulette list bet in the Outside position / outside bet, while there is also an inside bet called the Inside position which is divided into several parts that you can play with different payout amounts.

  • Straight Up: bets only determine one number / numbers ranging from 1 to 36.
  • Split Bet: betting 2 numbers at once where the numbers must be next to each other on a connected line.
  • Street Bet: betting 3 numbers in a row in a row.
  • Corner: installation of 4 numbers at once where the numbers must be on the connected line.
  • Zero Section Bet: bets in columns consisting of numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.
  • Zero Corner Bet: bet in the column containing the numbers from 0.1, 2 or 0, 2, 3.

If you already know the types of bets contained in real money Online Roulette Gambling and first understand the terms that you will definitely find in the game so that mistakes don’t occur when playing.

Terms and Information on Indonesian Roulette Bandar

Information or terms in betting at the biggest online roulette bookies, namely:

  • Chips: as a substitute for money used to place bets.
  • Confirm : button that signals the bet has been made correctly.
  • Repeat : placing the same bet type and value as the previous round.
  • Cancel All : button is used to cancel all bets that have not been confirmed.
  • Clear Last : delete the wrong bet value before confirming.
  • Red (R) : button sees how many red bets have been issued.
  • Green (G) : used to see how many times the green bet has been out.
  • Black (B) : otherwise it is used to see black output bets.

How to Play Roulette / Roulette Online

Online roulette has rules of the game which are quite complicated to understand. because you don’t need to worry because on this occasion we will tell you how to play online roulette in a simple way. In the online roulette game there are six steps that must be taken to bet.

  1. Choose one or a group of numbers where you will bet.
  2. Determine the nominal bet according to the amount of capital you have.
  3. Place your bet on the number / group of numbers that you have previously selected.
  4. Waiting for the dealer to spin the roulette wheel and tell the winning number.
  5. Take your winnings at the betting table, if you choose the correct number.
  6. Replacing the bet with the five stages above.

Types of Betting in Online Roulette Games


In online roulette, you can bet on one number only, or on several groups of numbers at once. Because in the roulette game there are many types of betting combinations that you can do, and the payout odds of this game are very diverse. The fewer numbers you place, the bigger the payout odds. Meanwhile, if there are many groups of numbers that you place, the payout odds will be smaller. Online roulette has two betting categories, namely INSIDE BETS and OUTSIDE BETS, the following is an explanation.


This bet is made outside of the number boxes 0 – 36 available on the roulette board. In the outside bet there are five types of online roulette bets, namely:

  1. COLUMNS : Place a bet on 12 non-vertical consecutive numbers at the same time. You can see how to place this bet on chip number 5.
  2. DOZENS : Place a bet on 12 consecutive vertically consecutive numbers. You can see how to place this bet on chip number 4.
  3. 1 TO 18 / 19 TO 36 : Make a bet on numbers 1 – 18 or place a bet on numbers 19 – 36. You can see how to place this bet on chip number 3.
  4. ODDS / EVEN: Make online roulette bets on odd or even numbers. How to place a bet can be seen on chip number 2.
  5. RED / BLACK: Make a bet on numbers with red or black colors. How to place this bet can be seen on chip number 1.

From the explanation above, we can conclude that INSIDE BETS bets on online roulette are more difficult to win, but the payout odds given are large. As for the OUTSIDE BETS bet, the winning percentage is higher, but the payout odds are small. To get a win at an online casino, you have to bet wisely and with the right strategy.

Online Roulette Tips – Betting Strategy

Of all the roulette tips we offer, we believe that betting strategies can dramatically improve your gaming experience. With the right strategy, you can structure your betting behavior. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of potential profits or reduce losses.

It turns out that there are several roulette game strategies you can use, depending on your playing style and risk tolerance. In particular, some tactics are more effective at reducing losses, while others seek to maximize your earning potential. Here are some of the best roulette betting strategies:

  1. Martingale Strategy: – The Martingale betting strategy is based on aggressive betting, doubling your bet after each loss. The idea behind this system is to cover all losses and make a small profit. We advise you to be careful when using this system, as its aggressive nature can quickly drain your money.
  2. Labouchre Strategy: РA slow and methodical betting system, Labouch̬re requires preparation and discipline on your part. When brought to its logical conclusion, the system made a small profit. However, keep in mind that betting is excessive
  3. D’Alembert Strategy: – The D’Alembert system can be described as a more moderate version of the Martingale. Here, you increase your bet by one unit after each loss, rather than doubling it. Effectively, it reduces risk factors and provides a more stable pattern that you can follow.
  4. Fibonacci Strategy: – The Fibonacci strategy is inspired by the famous number sequence. The idea behind this system is pretty basic – after you lose one bet, the next bet must match the combined value of the two previous losing bets. This strategy is designed to compensate for losses.